Social Engagement & Tricycle Arts.

Tricycle Arts
I founded Tricycle Arts in ….. to increase arts opportunities for people with mental health issues. The three wheels of the tricycle being ; the Arts, Mental Health and Community. Tricycle Arts operates within a model of peer support. Membership has fluctuated over the years from 3 to 20 and is currently limited to 3 artists who currently work from Hawthorn Farm, Christchurch.

Activities have been wide ranging and have included organising three Open Exhibitions for local artists with experience of Mental Health problems at Bournemouth Library and the Peacock Gallery, Upton, near Poole. Ceramic projects including annual Pit-Firing events at Holton-Lee, Dorset. A Life Drawing Project held at what was then The Arts Institute Bournemouth,( funded by Aim Higher) which developed into ongoing classes over the next 2 years in Springbourne, Bournemouth. A Sculptural project funded by Arts Bournemouth ~ The Chemical Breakfast, which explored attitudes to psychiatric medication and shown at Bournemouth Library.

We have also held a pop-up exhibition in a disused shop in Boscombe Royal Arcade, Escape from Reality and at Holton Lee, for Dorset Arts Week.

There have been three long term core members and one priority has been securing studio space. A year was spent renting a studio at Holton- Lee, Dorset and is currently ongoing at Hawthorn Farm, Christchurch.

A gallery of work will be posted shortly.