Over this winter (Feb 2014) period of flood and tempest my attention has turned to the creation of chemigrams. Photographic paper is moved between the chemical baths, occasionally a brush or feather is used to apply developer. Oil or varnish resists are applied to slow down the action of the chemicals on the paper. I have called this series "Uncertain Alchemy" as this reflects the indeterminate process and something of the intent.

I am also currently working on video works suggested by Robert Louis Stevenson's "The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and the site of their creation "Skerryvore", now a commemorative garden in Bournemouth.

NewSummer 2013. I have spent the summer developing a portable Camera Obscura. Rather than using the traditional viewing platform I allow the the image to be reincorporated into the landscape using whatever surfaces are available. This means that many surfaces distort and affect the image to the point of breakdown. What is so satisfying though is that this frequently enhances the resulting photographic image in surprising ways. A selection of photographs can be found in the Obscura gallery on the galleries page.

Venice Oracle was presented at Palazzo Zenobio, Fondamenta del Soccorso, Dorsoduro 2596, Venice, Italy. For Boîte-en-valise, Venice Biennale, Wednesday 29 May - Sunday 2 June 2013. With The Girls (Zerelda Sinclair and Andrea Blood) and Marcia Farquhar.

Supported by Arts University Bournemouth and Arts Bournemouth, co-curated by Professor Stephanie James, Carol Maund and Mark Segal. Funded by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.
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Two spoken word pieces soon to come on -line as part of The Russell-Cotes QR Trail.

The Boudoir. An exploration of the poetics of what happens to a room as it changes from being from a ladies boudoir to a room in a museum. Drawing on themes explored in Andrei Condrescu's "The disappearance of the Outside". (Ruminator Books, 1990)

The Moorish Alcove. An old tale from the Alhambra Palace in Granada (The Alhambra's Hall of the two sisters was the original inspiration for the alcove) suggesting layers of concealment and possibility.

October 2012


Currently working on an exquisite corpse. Reviving a fragment of the mythology of Bournemouth involving William Blake and the remains of Mary Wollstoncraft. The Once and Future Jerusalem, Emanation of the giant Albion comes to Bournemouth.